What to look for in a Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

For a very long time, dogs and cats are considered to be man’s best friends. They are known to make wonderful companions for man. However, cleaning up their hair takes a lot of energy and time. When you have these two pets in your house, it is essential to regularly vacuum your house to keep it clean always. This is because more often that not, pet hair are trodden into the carpet, stuck to your hardwood floors or embedded into your furniture.


Below is a guide that will take you through all the things to consider when searching for the right vacuum to suit your needs.


The difference between a Standard Vacuum and One that’s Specialized for Pet Hair


Standard vacuums have a hose and 2 part brush mechanism that can work well when cleaning the house as it can stir up dust and dirt then suck them all up. However, a standard vacuum is no match for hairs that are interwoven into upholstery fibers and carpets.


Most traditional vacuum cleaners aren’t able to get all that pet fur


This is because they further drive pet fur into the furniture or carpet and only causes them to tangle into the brush. This makes it very difficult to untangle and will only waste your time. Unlike the traditional vacuum models, the best vacuum for pet hair has brushes made out of silicone which prevents tangles plus they it has special attachments that see to it that the hair is sucked up into the dirt cup and that they do not tangle around the brush.

Specialized vacuums for cleaning up hair also has a more power process of suction and a better system of filtration that successfully removes that pet dander – these are proven benefits of vacuuming with a type that’s made for dander.


What to look for in a Pet Fur Vacuum


If you want to purchase a vacuum that will suit your needs and wants, do not rush. Do not buy on impulse. It requires research and quite a number of considerations. You must ensure that you get one that truly suits your home, needs, cleaning requirements, and budget. This is an item that you will be using on a daily or weekly basis for many years.


Below are some questions that you should ask yourself.


  1. What is the size or space that you will be vacuuming?


An upright model should be your first choice if you have a spacious property. It’s easier to use and also requires a less amount of time when emptying its dirt cup. However if you have a small house, space is valuable and so you should find a vacuum cleaner that will not take too much of it. Handheld vacuums are great for small homes as they have just the right capacity and can be easy to store without taking up too much space.


  1. What is the purpose of the vacuum?


The surfaces in your home, as well as the kind of floors are aspects that should be put into consideration as this will aid you in deciding what vacuum to purchase. This is because different vacuums are suitable for different surfaces. An all-around vacuum cleaner is suitable if your house has a variety of floors e.g. carpeted, tiled, hardwood, or floors with rugs. This vacuum will help you in cleaning almost every surface in your house and not limited to just only one surface. If your property has carpeted floors or the floors are made from hardwood all-over, then making a decision is easier as you are required to purchase a vacuum that was manufactured especially for that specific surface.

Top model vacuums come with a variety of accessories and attachments that tackle extra cleaning like curtains, upholstered sofas, even cleaning a car.


Handy attachments that you should look out for in a vacuum:


Dusting tool – this will assist you in brushing off dirt, dust, or fur from areas such as the blinds, bookcases, and windowsill that are prone to dust.


Extension tool – offers an easy-handle tube with extra reach useful for getting into ceilings, corners, even behind appliances.


Crevice tool – due to its thin, angled shape, it helps in dust sucking, even in hard to reach, tight places.


Upholstery tool – composed of a strip of fabric and with a wide base, this tool will help you clean your mattresses and furniture since it is designed to attract lint.


Mattress tool – with a wide base and textured pads, it is specifically designed to suck up debris and dust from mattresses.


Beater bar brush – this enables deep cleaning of your carpets and is generally fitted as a standard in most upright vacuums.


Power brush / power nozzle / motorized brush head – just like an upright model, it is often found in the canister type of vacuum and it will help you well in clean rags and carpets.


Ceiling fan  tool – angled and highly effective in removing the dust from fans and blinds.  
Purchasing a vacuum should not be viewed as a short-term solution; it should be viewed as an investment. There are plenty of low-cost, low-quality model vacuum models in the market, but what is inevitable is that you will have to keep replacing them and what is worse is that they will not do a good job removing the pet hair. So you should not focus too much on the price of the vacuum but the quality and how good the vacuum will suit your needs. Find the right ones by reviewing petallergyvacuum.guide.

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